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These places exude harmony, amplified by the songs that mentioned them.
There are many songs inspired by places, from the ever-famous New York City to the long-gone Xanadu. Some songs take listeners to destinations they mentioned, delivering a sense of longingness and nostalgia even to those who have never been to said places. That’s the power of songs: evoking emotions not even thought were there.
True, it’s the other way around: the places are already popular even before the song's launch. Be that as it may, it can never be denied how some songs add to the luring power of a destination. Who would’ve thought that musical pieces could be travel agents?
Penny Lane was a frequent spot in the young lives of The Beatles, much so that they made a song about it with the same title. Thanks to the Beatles' hit, the street became famous. It’s proudly marketed by Liverpool, especially since fans seem to make it a pilgrim spot when tracing the youth of the band members. When visiting this English destination, tourists will be welcomed by a bustling street teeming with independent businesses. Visitors can also join Beatles tours if they want a fun learning experience along Penny Lane.
Listening to Toto’s Africa, music lovers would think it’s a love song, with longingness and such evoked by the lyrics. However, band member David Paich clarifies it is indeed about the song narrator’s love for the continent. After all, falling in love with a place is possible, especially among avid travelers. One African destination mentioned in the song is the Serengeti, an expansive region that occupies northern Tanzania. It offers a safari experience unlike any other, where communing with Mother Nature means doing so in the presence of wildlife.
It’s not certain if singer Bob Seger ever visited Kathmandu, the subject of his song Katmandu. The artist is missing a lot if he is yet to explore the Nepali capital, as it’s teeming with wonders, with the Everest breeze to boot. Seger was “fascinated by exotic places,” that’s why he wrote the song, but the city is more than just fascinating but inspiring. It is home to many architectural wonders spearheaded by temples. Its religious sites evoke peace, something to entice those looking for zen. K-K-K-K-K-K-Katmandu is indeed the place to be.
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Rio made Duran Duran an international star, thanks to its embodiment of “all things grand and glamorous about the escapist, excessive, exotic, erotic, aspirational ’80s.” The song’s intro alone is enough to entice listeners, much so that they might be lured to visit Rio de Janeiro, even as the song talks about a girl named Rio. This bustling city is teeming with attractions like the beach of Copacabana, which is also a subject of a song. It’s also home to the towering Christ the Redeemer statue and the beach destination of Ipanema. Oh Rio, Rio.
2120 South Michigan Avenue is not just a musical piece but a real place. The title of this instrumental is the address of Chess Records Office and Studio, where The Rolling Stones recorded some of their songs, including this instrumental. The said studio is no more, but it remains an icon. 2120 is known among music fans as the site where hit blues and rock and roll songs were born. The building is now inscribed as a city landmark, highlighting its importance in the music industry and the Windy City’s melody.
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Jamaica Farewell? More like “hello, Jamaica!” because this Caribbean nation is all about fun under the sun and then some. Sure, Harry Belafonte’s song is not the reason why the country is popular, but thanks to him, those listening to it will be transported to a tropical paradise. After all, the musical piece is in Jamaican-style folk song. Vibrant travel moments abound in Jamaica, from its pristine shores to its bustling capital Kingston. Positive vibes are endless in this Caribbean destination — no wonder why there’s “ya man!” all around.
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Those curious about Cuba should start their exploration in Havana. Why so? Not only is it the capital, but it’s a hospitable city teeming with attractions, spearheaded by Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travel guide Lonely Planet said the city is best for “art and architecture,” an enticing prospect for those who want to warm their creative souls. Camila Cabello said that half of her heart is in Havana, something tourists will experience after getting acquainted with the charming city.
However controversial the family is, it can never be denied that the Perons are one of the reasons why Argentina is known by many. It was even furthered by the musical Evita, based on the life of former first lady Eva Peron. One of its prominent songs is the successful Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. So popular is this song that tourists, especially adults, will probably try to belt it out while exploring the many attractions of the country, from the tundra wonders to the polar destinations. In Argentina, tears of joy abound.
Kashmir is a staple in Led Zeppelin concerts, and though it is not certain if the band members ever visited the Indian region, they were still able to create a masterpiece. It is considered one of the best pieces from rock stars, equaling the fame of Stairway to Heaven. Kashmir is India’s Himalayan region, so it might as well be considered a stairway to heaven. Aside from scaling the snow-capped mountains, this region is perfect for observing wildlife, monasteries, temples, lakes, and gardens. Kashmir is a recreational hotspot and is dubbed "paradise on earth."
As with the artists of Katmandu, Africa, and Kashmir, Bob Dylan probably has never been to Mozambique though he wrote a song with the same title. In his work, he said he wants to visit the said African country, where “the sunny sky is aqua blue.” In this nation, not only is the sky blue but its pristine waters, too. It is proud of its islands, beaches, nature reserves, and history-filled towns. Indeed, just as Dylan said, after exploring the country, tourists will realize “why it's so unique to be among the lovely people living free upon the beach of sunny Mozambique.”
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