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Planning a trip to Jamaica requires plenty of insight, which is why adventurers need this travel guide.
When it’s sun, beach, and sand calling your name (loudly), it’s time to plan a vacation somewhere really warm. And one of the best beach places is definitely Jamaica. Whether you’ve been going there for years or have yet to see it, there’s always more to discover about such a popular destination.
What kind of transportation should you use while in Jamaica? Which city is best to stay in? And what about the most delicious food to try?
Here is a travel guide to Jamaica: 11 things to know while planning your trip.
While in Jamaica, head to The National Gallery of Jamaica where you can go on a tour or explore on your own. The Crazy Tourist says that there are many pieces of local art along with work done throughout the Caribbean.
Want to pamper yourself while on vacation? The Culture Trip suggests the spa at Strawberry Hill, which is a hotel. While you’re there, grab some lunch as the menu has some delicious items like Creole Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya and ice cream made right on the premises along with Banana Fritters for dessert.
According to Travel US News, tourists should go to Jamaica from November until the middle of December. This is because of affordable flights and nice weather.
It’s worth noting that if you want to go in January, February, or March, that’s when many others will be traveling to Jamaica as well so hotels can be pretty pricey.
If you’re staying in Montego Bay, there are many resorts to pick from and some are pretty fancy and, therefore, costly. Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay has reasonable rates and the website says that rooms begin at $231.10 USD. Seven minutes away by car from Montego Bay International Airport, this hotel is an all-inclusive and guests can choose from a la carte or buffet food options.
If you’re interested in Kingston, then The Spanish Court Hotel is the way to go. Breakfast is free of charge and it’s close to the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House Bakery which are musts when in Jamaica.
Many people enjoy staying in Montego Bay in Jamaica as there are resorts and there are a lot of things to do. According to The Crazy Tourist, cruise ships will stop here so it’s known as a place where travelers will stop.
You can also stay in Kingston, which the website also recommends as it’s the capital city and so there are tourist attractions along with allowing you to enjoy the weather and beaches.
Tameikag recommends that tourists try Jamaican patties while in Jamaica for vacation. The website says that Kingston’s Devon House Bakery is going to have an incredible one. You can order patties that have a number of different fillings from lobster, shrimp, chicken, beef and curry goat. People on Trip Advisor also mention how good the ice cream is.
You have probably heard that there is incredible jerk chicken in Jamaica and this is absolutely something to try out. Tameikag suggests going to Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hut to get this delicious menu item.
Wondering how to get from your hotel to a fun tourist activity during your time in Jamaica? Lonely Planet has a helpful explanation of what it’s like riding the bus: “There is usually no set timetable – buses leave when the driver considers them full – and passengers are crammed in with little regard for comfort.”
Although taxis are said not to be very cheap, they might be more appealing. The taxi should have “red PPV license plates.”
When you’re in Jamaica, it’s an absolute must to go to the Bob Marley Museum. This was his house and it’s located on Hope Road, which feels fitting. According to the official website, you can buy a $25 ticket (and kids 4-12 pay $12) for an hour and 15-minute tour. As the website explains, “All the original rooms have been kept as they were when Bob lived here to ensure authenticity.”
After Marley’s death, his wife Rita decided that his house should be a museum. There are stores selling gifts and records here, along with One Love Cafe, which has bread pudding, jerk chicken sandwiches, and smoothies, according to some Trip Advisor reviews.
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According to Frommers, the currency used in Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar, and it’s a good idea to use traveler’s checks during your trip. There are also some muggings at ATMs so travelers will want to exchange money at home before heading off on their vacation.
The website also mentions that tourists should be seeking out cheap eats as locals will eat at places where meals will be under $15 USD. People living in Jamaica think that if your restaurant bill is over $30 USD, that’s a lot of money.
January is an exciting time as it’s the new year, but it can also be snowy if you live in many parts of North America. So why not book a flight to Jamaica? It’s not only a nice time to get away but it’s going to be a good time for a deal on airfare, according to Cheap Flights.
There are various times that offer better flight deals, and flying on Friday afternoon is said to be pretty cheap.
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Trip Savvy counts two of the beaches on Montego Bay as the greatest ones in Jamaica. One of them, Rose Hall Beach, is said to be a quieter and calmer place than some of the others, which is good to know for travelers who are looking for that. There are many resorts here so many photos of the beach have been snapped from those hotels.
Doctor’s Cave Beach has that title because a doctor wanted people to enjoy his land and have a “swim club.” Because of this beach, people know and love Montego Bay and it’s a popular place for visitors. You’ll have to shell out a bit of money at Doctor’s Cave Beach Club.
If you want to know where the residents of Jamaica like to eat, Tameikag says that roadside places that are “local mom and pop restaurants” are your best bet.
You might have heard of people finding a restaurant while driving down a road and declaring that it was the most incredible food that they had ever tried, so this definitely sounds like a lot of fun. And it’s going to be the best way to experience Jamaica.
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