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One of the most successful, and controversial, athletes of his generation, Alex Rodriguez quietly built a real estate empire over two decades. Now, five years after retiring from baseball, he’s accelerating his transformation from former athlete to investor and owner — with an eye on his legacy, and maybe a dose of redemption.
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China Luxury Boom Returns But LVMH, Hermes Stand Out From Crowd
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Users of Amazon’s AWS, Alexa Report Outages Sunday Morning
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Iran Sentences 10 Airmen to Prison Over Downed Ukraine Airliner
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The Pandemic Didn’t Upend US Geography
Taiwan’s Semiconductor Success Is Fueling a Surge in Home Prices
Bitcoin Surged Past $30,000. Is Another Crypto Boom on the Way?
Do Kwon Sent Millions to Lawyers Before Collapse, KBS Reports
Bitcoin Thief Once Worth $3.4 Billion Gets Year in Prison
Where to stay, what to eat and, most importantly, where to drink.
I approve this message.
Photographer: Brad Japhe

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Hello fellow enthusiasts. My name is Brad Japhe, and I’m a frequent contributor to Bloomberg Pursuits, most commonly specializing in spirits (like the best of the year!). And if there’s anything that excites me as much as a properly aged whisky, it’s the refined flavors of Japan. The combination of the two elicits a multiplicative effect. 
So you can approximate my elation when I deplaned at Haneda Airport late last month for my first tour of Japanese distilleries in over four years. I also came for the food, of course; and the skiing; and the country’s singular brand of luxury lodging. But we’ll get to all that later.


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