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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – The U.S. State Department recently issued travel advisories for Jamaica and the Bahamas. However, local travel advisors say there’s no need to panic or even reschedule your trip.
The Department marked Jamaica as a level three, meaning “reconsider travel,” and The Bahamas as a level two, meaning “exercise increased caution.” That’s due to the “violent crimes, home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults and homicides” in Jamaica and “gang-on-gang violence” in the Bahamas, according to the Agency.
However, the Department did not elevate the levels in either country: Jamaica has been at a level three since 2022 and the level two advisory for the Bahamas has been in place for years, according to National Public Radio.
Megan Vatnsdal, travel advisor and owner of “Onyx and Evergreen Travel,” said it’s important to be aware of risks when traveling. However, she said it’s important to put things into perspective. She said looking into which regions the violence is occurring is important. She said canceling a trip to either country would be like canceling a trip to the U.S. because violence occurred in New York City.
“It doesn’t always apply to the resorts that they are considering going to. It is something that we’ll talk and we’ll discuss and consider, but it doesn’t always mean that we should maybe cancel going to that destination,” said Vatnsdal.
Vatnsdal points out that the U.S. is listed as 131 on the “Global Peace Index’s” list of most peaceful countries for 2023. That’s behind Jamaica at 77.
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