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Jamaica and the last name Marley are almost synonymous. While the legendary musician is now with the ancestors, his familial roots remain strong around their homeland. For Mystic Marley, granddaughter of Bob Marley and daughter of multi-Grammy Award winner and producer Stephen Marley, she chooses to carry on her grandfather’s legacy by following in his musical footsteps. She’s also a big foodie who loves visiting some of the top spots around the island.
Mystic Marley is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and innovative artists of her generation, and her latest single “Energy” is sure to cement her status as a rising star. With her talent, dedication and passion, the Marley heir is poised for great success, and fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future.
EBONY caught up with the singer while she was in Jamaica, and she took us inside some of the best restaurants and eateries the island has to offer. If you’re preparing to head to the “One Love” destination soon, consider adding some of these places to your itinerary. After all, you can’t get more authentic than recommendations from the Marley family.
According to Mystic Marley, Gloria’s in Kingston is absolutely worth sitting in traffic for. And, depending on when you visit, this may certainly be the case.
“My favorite meal is Gloria’s honey jerk shrimp. You have to try it!” exclaims the singer.
If you’re looking for majestic mountain views while in Jamrock, EITS is the place to go. Not only can you stare for hours at the tranquil, lush backdrop, but you’ll also get a tasty meal in the process.
“EITS has the best ackee wontons. They’re so light and delicious. The restaurant is also home to the most breathtaking view up in Blue Mountain,” shares the Marley heir.

A favorite of locals and celebs alike, Screechies is a must stop.
“Honestly, everything on the menu at Screechies is great,” she continues. “My faves are fry fish, garlic lobster, curry veggie, steam bammy and extra festival.”
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