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If you're planning a vacation to the country, you'll want to take note.
A beach in Montego Bay. Right: A person holds a Canadian passport.
Canadians planning a vacation to Jamaica anytime soon will want to take note of a new travel advisory issued by Canada.
The government recently issued an advisory for the country due to a high level of violent crime, and there are certain areas that tourists will want to avoid.
The Government of Canada is warning citizens to exercise a high degree of caution if travelling to Jamaica amid a surge in gang violence and crimes on the island.
In response to the increase in violence, the Jamaican government implemented a state of emergency on December 6, 2022.
The state of emergency is in effect in several areas, including sections of Kingston, a popular spot for tourists, and areas surrounding Montego Bay, like Hanover and St. James.
It's also in effect in the parishes of Clarendon, St. Ann, St. Catherine, St. Andrew and Westmoreland.
Canada warns that during the state of emergency, security forces have increased rights to conduct searches, seizures, and detain persons of interest.
Those travelling in the affected areas may also be subject to searches by security forces, it warns.
The government advises tourists travelling in these areas to always cooperate with military and police officers, follow the instructions of local authorities, carry valid ID at all times and be prepared for various checkpoints.
You'll also want to give yourself extra time to reach your destination and monitor local news to stay informed on the current situation in the country.
The government says the state of emergency is in effect until December 19, 2022.
While Canadians will want to be cautious when travelling to the country, the state of emergency is not necessarily a reason for tourists to worry, according to Jamaican officials.
In a statement on December 12, Jamaica's Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, assured travellers that the country remains a safe destination, PAX news reports.
"The enhanced security measures being implemented are a deliberate strategy by our government to take proactive steps to maintain a safe and secure Jamaica for all law-abiding citizens and tourists," Bartlett said.
"These enhanced measures apply to limited areas in Jamaica and the vast majority of the island's resort areas are not impacted."
"Jamaica remains a safe place for travellers and the statistics reflect this fact," he continued. "Visitors can continue to come to our island with confidence and enjoy all that the destination has to offer."
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