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Dear Pastor,
I am 23 and since I was 17, I have had boyfriends and been having sex. My mother realised that I was having sex from the time I started. She asked me about it and I admitted it.
She did not fuss. She told me to be careful and not to get pregnant. She said she would not tell my father. When I turned 18, I wanted sex all the time, and some men did it to me in such a nice way that I wanted it two or three times per day. When I left high school, my desire was to study to become a nurse. I broke up with my first boyfriend, and the new guy did not encourage me to study. He delivered goods from Kingston to the rural areas and I used to travel with him. He had his spots where we used to stop and have sex. But most times he paid for a hotel.
When he got his pay, he used to give me most of it and told me not to spend all of it. I broke up with him when I realised that he had another girlfriend. He told me that he wanted more sex than I could give him because my mind was on nursing. He told me that the girl had more time for him, and he was renting a place for them. I cursed him, and we broke up. I am ashamed to tell you that I have had sex with 17 guys. I got a little job in a company and there were five men, all of whom have had sex with me. They told our female boss that I was selling sex and she asked me if that was true. She told me that she was not going to condemn me, but I must make sure that they paid me well. She said I should charge each man $5,000 for sex.
I did not get to nursing school. I hate one of these guys because when he approached me for sex and I told him no, he called me a sex machine. Once, a man tried to get me involved in a parlour to do massage, but I did not know anything about this type of work. I decided that I would try it, but after the first few days I quit because I was warned that the police could raid the place on any day.
I went to HEART and learnt how to do hair, and now I am working in a hairdressing parlour. I am still living at my parents’ home, and I have a steady boyfriend. He helps to take care of me. He does not know much about my background and I don’t want him to. I have even started to go to church, but I am not a Christian.
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Dear Writer,
You seemed to have enjoyed having sex. Mothers are clever; many of them know when their daughters start to have sex. Your mother asked you and you admitted it. It is not unusual for women to travel with their boyfriends who deliver goods to different places.
A lady told me that even when her boyfriend was driving, she was having a certain type of sex with him. Some women can be very daring, and some drivers take big risks. It is difficult to imagine how they concentrate on the road and have sex at the same time.
It is unfortunate that you have not pursued your goal to become a nurse. But you are still young. You should seriously consider pursuing your goal if you have the passes. Nurses are needed globally, so while I am not against what you are doing presently, do not give up on nursing.
It does not take long for men to find out the true character of women. Without question, you love to have sex. You did not just do it because you had financial needs, you engaged in it because you loved it. You worked in a company with a group of men and some couldn’t keep their mouths shut. They told the other men the type of person you were, and they even told lies. Some would want sex from you even if they were to buy you a soda. They would encourage their colleagues to come for their ‘piece’.
Your boss heard what was going on and spoke to you. She did not talk to you as a mother; she spoke to you as if what you were doing was normal. I commend her that she did not condemn you, but she should have tried to discourage you from going with Tom, Dick and Harry, whether or not you were charging them for sex.
I am glad that you are enjoying where you are working. I encourage you, again, to have a good look at the nursing career and pursue it.

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