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Named for the beautiful and plentiful coral that adorns the private cove and ocean floor, Coral Cove Wellness Resort sits on a quarter-mile of Caribbean Sea on the southwestern coast of Jamaica, just 10 miles from the town of Negril and a 90-minute drive from Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport.
Built on an exclusive cove with a protected area for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, the resort is an oasis for both guests and wildlife, specifically tropical fish, dolphins, sea turtles and a variety of birds including the swallow tail humming bird which is Jamaica’s national bird.
The resort currently offers a combo of 23 rooms and cottages, but plans are in the works for an additional 20 units all of varying sizes. Other offerings include a newly constructed oceanside pool and bar, a spa, a conference center (accommodating up to 45 people) and a fully-licensed cannabis dispensary.
Main Point of Distinction: Licensed Onsite Cannabis Dispensary
Coral Cove Wellness Resort reopened in 2021 after being rebranded and transformed into a property that embraces both local culture, nature and modern science. CEO Adam Abodeely (MD) refers to the new property as “an unforgettable and transformational wellness experience.” Offering a daily and weekly schedule of wellness activities developed and overseen by medical doctors and wellness experts has allowed the resort, he says, “to be on the forefront of science.”
Coral Cove Wellness Resort is more than just another beautiful seaside destination—it’s a cultural experience where guests are immersed in local traditions, including culinary experiences. And opportunities abound for individuals, couples or groups to rest and rejuvenate while focusing on their own personal physical and emotional goals.
Dr. Abodeely points out that what is unique to Coral Cove is the opportunity to “utilize the healing benefits of both cannabis and fungi-based therapies in a safe and guided environment.” He says, “Here at Coral Cove we take pride in being stewards of plant-based medicine and holistic wellness while honoring and respecting thousands of years of tradition in farming practices, herbal medicinal remedies, holistic approaches to wellness, musical rhythms and culinary experiences.”
To the best of our knowledge, Coral Cove Wellness Resort is one of the only resorts in the world to have a complete and fully licensed cannabis dispensary on-site. “The dispensary offers a wide variety of products, all of which are held to the same quality standards found in North America and overseen by the Cannabis Licensing Authority of Jamaica, so guests can feel confident they will have access to the highest quality cannabis, fungi and other plant medicines,” says Dr. Abodeely. He describes the quality assurance as including being free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, bacteria, mold and residual solvents used in the extraction process of oils ensuring their safety.
“Alongside experts and educational workshops, these plants open a window into one’s own soul, while freeing the mind from the chaos of normal routine. Between the vibrant paradise and the emphasis on all-encompassing wellness, a trip to Coral Cove is an opportunity to both lose and find yourself again.”
Another unique aspect of Coral Cove Wellness Resort is its emphasis on farm-to-table offerings. The property has a small onsite farm that offers an opportunity for guests to tour, learn about and see how local fruits, vegetables and herbs are being grown. Guests can also observe how the farm-grown ingredients are being incorporated into the culinary experience, as well as being used as ingredients in various spa treatments.
Guests can enjoy a variety of spa experiences in several locations on the property including the newly opened spa house, in the privacy of their room, or nestled away in several private, on-property seaside locations. A traditional temazcal sweat lodge is under construction and is set to be completed this month (January 2023.) Combining elements of ancient Native American rituals with modern-day science, the temazcal will be the first of its kind in Jamaica.
Coral Cove Wellness Resort remained open during COVID, and under the guidance of the Jamaican Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism, strict sanitation protocols have remained in place.
Complimentary Activities & Customization
Included among the resort’s complimentary wellness activities are guided walking excursions, snorkeling, kayaking, daily yoga, meditation, Chi Gong sessions and entertainment such as live music featuring local musicians. Additional fees are required for spa services or any fungi (psilocybin) experiences.
The team at Coral Cove Wellness recognizes that the path to wellness is an individual journey. Prior to, or during their stay, guests can meet with the wellness director, or general manager, to customize any of their wellness, culinary, educational or excursion activities. Whether goals are to maximize wellness efforts or explore an entirely new way to enhance one’s sense of well-being, the Coral Cove wellness experts consist of experienced professionals whose mission it is to help empower individuals with the tools required to achieve personal wellness goals.

Coral CoveAuthentic Local Experiences at Coral Cove

In addition to an authentic cannabis experience, complimentary to their visit, guests can request a guided local tour of the quaint and nearby fishing village of Little Bay, which provides insight into the local culture. Here, they’re given opportunities to interact with locals while visiting bat caves, farms and the Bob Marley Mineral Springs, or fishing for local delicacies such as bonita, kingfish and snapper. Dr. Abodeely notes that guests have also caught tuna and marlin on guided fishing trips, and guests are welcome to bring back their local catch for the chef to prepare, offering a true sea-to-table experience.
For an added fee, the concierge can arrange for other off-property excursions including visits to the Blue Hole Mineral Springs, Land of the Giants and Ganja farms, plus activities such as horseback riding, golfing, fishing tours and boat tours.
Target Audience at Coral Cove is Relatively Diverse
Most guests who visit Coral Cove are between the ages of 30-70 years old with a slight predominance of women (60 percent) to men (40 percent). Approximately 75 percent of guests travel with their spouse/partner/friend while the remaining are solo travelers or part of a small group retreat. Many guests are looking for a more unique experience compared to those offered at a traditional Caribbean vacation destination. Although guests will experience traditional offerings (pool, spa, bar, great food and accommodations), Coral Cove’s guests typically are engaged in a healthy lifestyle or are looking for a place to learn how to incorporate wellness activities into their daily routine once they return home.
For the approximately 20-25 percent of guests who arrive as solo travelers, Dr. Abodeely says, “Coral Cove is a great option to refresh, rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves. Although traveling alone, guests will have the opportunity to mingle with other guests, the friendly staff, the wellness director or the local community.” He notes that Coral Cove can also accommodate teambuilding, corporate events, weddings or educational retreats.
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