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Feel the fear and do it anyway. Dyllan Anthony recalled detesting flights so much that she required medications to make it through any journey by air lasting more than two hours. But she loved exploring different cultures.
“Living in melting pots like Miami and New York has always kept me curious about the world and where the people I’ve met along the way are from. I love being introduced to new landscapes, historical marvels, new foods and warm wonderful people,” she told Saturday Living.
Born and raised in Kingston, Dyllan Anthony, whose real name is Donnatilda Tabana, explained that much to her chagrin at the time, she migrated to the United States soon after her high school graduation.
When she was able to afford a solo trip at 19 years old, she returned to her roots for the annual Absolute Temptation Isle weekend. During her visit, she took the opportunity to visit one of the popular local gems, YS Falls in St Elizabeth and couldn’t help but be mesmerised by her country’s natural beauty.
“I remember distinctly thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’ve lived where other people vacation my whole life and mi nuh really go nowhere.’ It’s something that has stayed with me throughout my life. I am always looking for something to try and a place to explore,” she said.
She became a world traveller a few years later. The summer she was 24, she went on a two-week European tour on her own. “It was an awesome experience. I met so many wonderful people, some of whom I’m still good friends with today,” she added.
Since then, Anthony has visited South Africa, Mexico, India, Switzerland, Greece, Egypt and Jordan, just to name a few. “When I think of cultural immersion, Mexico, India and Johannesburg [in South Africa] are my favourites. As for the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, Capetown, South Africa tops the list with Switzerland and Santorini, Greece in a close second. Egypt was the most awe-inspiring for me and Jordan took me most by surprise. I’d love to visit Jordan again,” she highlighted.
Additionally, even though she has lived in New York for years, it never gets old, “I’ve travelled there so often and it’s never the same. The city is always evolving and has so much to offer.”
So motivated was she by her experiences that she decided to create content about it for others on social media to see. The blogger and vlogger plans every detail, so when others began seeking advice, it was a no-brainer.
“I started a blog and Facebook page. With the novelty of black travel at the time, things went relatively well pretty quickly. With Instagram and the ever-evolving ebbs and flows of the algorithm, it’s become more of a passion to simply share than a means to generate income. “I would say people love my guide approach; that the content is more informational and inspirational, and less like destination photoshoots,” Anthony revealed.
So what are some of her essential travel items? The expert is all about her content arsenal; this includes a gimbal, tripod and 360 camera to capture the memories in high definition. She is never without her health kit, stocked with a COVID-19 test, Pepto Bismol, EmergenC (Vitamin C), Tylenol Cold and Flu, seven days of antibiotics, Tylenol, BAND-AID adhesive bandages and antibacterial ointment.
Then there’s the necessity of a portable charger, plastic bags for wet, muddy or dirty items and tennis shoes; its comfort over fashion every time.
Meeting the loveliest of people on vacation, travelling satisfies her curiosities, “I’m always in awe of what those who were here before us were able to accomplish, from art to architecture; it’s very inspiring to me.” Her hope is to one day revisit Europe, but more regions in the South of France, Croatia and/or the beach towns of Spain. Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Lagos, Peru, Bali, Japan, South Korea and China are still on her to-go list.
When she isn’t off seeing the world, Anthony is a travel-nurse. An avid writer, she is also a huge foodie, and luckily her main passion incorporates these interests as well.
Her recommendation for those looking for adventure outside of their culture is to start small and make your way up from there. It may seem daunting to find the time, the money and the company. But once you’ve crossed that hurdle, you’re going to love it and regret not exploring sooner.
“Go out to eat alone. Visit nearby attractions. Take road trips. Getting into the habit of doing things outside of your comfort zone affords you a sense of liberation that will keep you curious and confident with every experience. Don’t wait to find a tribe or befriend people just because they seem to have similar interests. Stay curious, generous and interested, and you’ll attract wonderful people who want to enjoy life in the same ways you do,” she advised.
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