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The captivating Caribbean has a lot to offer, though Jamaica is a place standing on the top of the travel itineraries when it comes to this destination.
It is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean, and although travelers love it, it is not really a budget-friendly place.
Gigantic resorts and luxurious beaches with high entry fee have taken over in the country but if you opt for a backpacking holiday, then things might take a brighter course.
Check out our guide for backpacking tips in Jamaica.
The paradise in Jamaica is under a massive business monopole of many affluent businessmen and investors.
So, in other words, resorts and infinity pools are not really the picks for backpacking crews.
We have compiled a short list of touristy places you might want to avoid or visit.
This is a place you should avoid as the main attraction here is the water park “Kool Runnings”.
The prices are quite high and the only free thing is the 7 Mile Beach.
We warmly recommend you to check out Port Antonia, one of the bigger towns in Jamaica.
It is perfect for travelers who like to see more nature, get a local experience and not be overwhelmed by tourist flocks.
Montego Bay is a place full of all-inclusive resorts that are impossible to avoid, however, the city MoBay offers the bustle and city life that you might find exciting.
This town is a bit secluded when it comes to browsing for places to visit in Jamaica and that’s just what you need for authentic experiences.
Treasure beach has a rich offer of beaches and hospitable, bohemian locals that will demonstrate the chill living on the island that you gonna love.
Make sure you visit it before the word of mouth spreads fast.
When it comes to food, it can be said that Jamaica is mainly popular for its seafood and jerk chicken dishes.
Although you should try these, we just want to warn you that they are the most expensive food options on the island.
The price of seafood is rapidly growing due to overfishing.
The cost of chicken jerky is also high due to the reputation of this food.
However, if you want a bit of adventure for the foodie inside you but at a cheaper price, we recommend a curried goat restaurant.
Use public transport instead of a rent-a-car.
The bus from the airport is very cheap (less than a dollar) and taxi driving between two towns is not more than ten dollars.
Well, there’s only one main thing to consider- don’t opt for the mega-resorts.
Instead, pick a guesthouse that turns out to be an affordable option even in expensive cities like Negril.
Choosing a guesthouse might be a bit challenging as many of them need to be booked on the spot but they are still a great, off-beaten option for adventure.
The off-season in Jamaica offers cheaper options for your trip, understandably.
So traveling from April to November means lower prices and a bigger budget for the entire traveling.
Cost of Living Reports ranks Jamaica 55.42, which means its cost of living is about average.
So why should you choose Jamaica as a destination to go backpacking where there are so many great spots for this type of vacation?
Most of the tourists in Jamaica experience the island in a regular, touristy way while with backpacking you are free to create your own story.
You can meet friendly people, discover secret beaches and experience new ways into Caribbean cuisine.
There’s no better way to experience the Jamaican nature and culture!
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