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Endless summers, pristine white beaches, clean air, and some of the most luxurious hotels, make the Caribbean one of the premier vacation destinations.
The hotspots – The Bahamas, Jamaica, and others – are often fairly busy year-round, making it hard to avoid the crowd of tourists and local vacationers without paying a small fortune for one of the top-of-the-line hotels with access to the most exclusive beaches.
St. Croix may be your answer for a private getaway.
St. Croix is a hidden gem among tourists. It is the biggest island of the US Virgin Islands, but still has a small population of barely over 50,000. The island has a rich history as one of the few land masses in the Caribbean to have never been colonized by the Spanish. In fact, when Christopher Columbus docked on the island he was met with great resistance from the indigenous Kalinago people and forced to flee. This was the first recorded conflict between indigenous populations and would-be European colonizers.
Despite this, St. Croix was governed by the English and the Dutch at various points throughout its history. This combination of Spanish, Dutch, English, indigenous Kalinago, and African cultures, has all the hallmarks of Caribbean creole, but still feels wholly unique.
There’s never a bad time to visit St. Croix. With a consistent climate and small-town vibe, you can easily stay abreast of upcoming events, and there’s always something to do just around the corner.
Jump Up is held four times annually – February, May, July, and November. It’s similar to carnivals in other Caribbean countries, complete with drum bands and performers in costumes on stilts.
Sunset Jazz is a monthly live music event held every third Friday. Local and international jazz artistes are platformed against the backdrop of a setting sun. Admission is completely free, and it’s a treat for the entire family.
Fort Christiansvaern is one of the most preserved forts in the Caribbean. Tours run throughout the year and stepping into the fort is like going back in time as the entire fort has been meticulously taken care of. It’s a must-stop for any history buff.
St. Croix’s unique cultural mix, combined with fertile soil and proximity to fresh seafood, has created a cuisine that feels like a sample platter of the rest of the Caribbean. Meats reminiscent of Jamaican jerk chicken, Trinidadian roti, and an assortment of ginger and coconut candies are some of the staples of the island.
Shupe’s on the Boardwalk offers a combination of local flair with international familiarity. This is an easy recommendation if you’re missing a good burger or craving cheesecake.
Ziggy’s Island Market is an unassuming spot, located within a gas station, serving some of the most delicious food on the island. Here, local ingredients are made into everything from roti to tacos. There’s a family vibe with picnic tables set up behind the gas station for comfortable eating
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