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We invite you to explore arctic cruises and tropical honeymoon escapes, via the best staycations of all time
The art of travel is often overlooked, yet the mode can be as enlightening as the destination. It’s the reason why great authors such as Martha Gellhorn and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote short stories for set on locomotives and Evelyn Waugh his 1930 essay In Defence of Pleasure Cruising.
With that in mind, we’re celebrating the wonders of travelling in all forms in our new travel supplement, on sale now. We’ve sent the best British writers – including Sharlene Teo, Juliet Nicolson, Ravinder Bhogal and the Costa Prize winner Caleb Azumah Nelson – to locations on all seven continents by rail, sea and even by horse, to report back for our annual Ultimate Travel Guide 2023, on sale with Bazaar’s June issue.
Explore the art of luxury cruising, from the icy wonderland of Antarctica to the more tropical climes of Singapore, or ignite your imagination and step into the worlds of The White Lotus and Succession, with superb suites made famous by the stars. Whether you’re planning an urban getaway or relaxing beachside, we’ve curated the best inspiration from the SS23 catwalks, so you can travel the world with free-spirited (and fashionable) flair. And, even if your sights are set closer to home, our collection of tried-and-tested UK treasures is the ultimate cheat sheet for those looking to book the best hotels for a weekend break.
There are plenty of insider guides to the latest openings in London, and dream honeymoon destinations to live up to even the wildest dreams of newlyweds. Experience safari adventures, Europe’s most memorable rail trips, and sink into a touching read on one writer’s return to his homeland, where he rediscovers his roots and documents his journey in a moving essay.
We hope you enjoy reading, and that we inspire you with more than a little wanderlust.
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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
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