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Summer travel season is fast approaching but with so many places from which to choose finding the right destination can be difficult.
But don’t delay, because planning those trips early can save time and money.
Travel Agent Trey Tracey of Kim Sims Magnolia Travel Group in Madison said Italy, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica are among the top travel destinations this summer.
“Ocean cruises are coming back with a vengeance,” Tracey said. “Many of our clients are booking cruises and other road destination trips. Europe as a whole is one of the most prominent destinations thus far. Despite the rise in flights since the COVID-19 pandemic, our agency has seen more clients for the summer.”
Tracey said the best time to book summer vacations to get the best prices is mid-June to early August.
Tracey said Memorial Day weekend is when they see an uptick in bookings.
To help get you started planning your summer vacation destination, we’ve rounded up five fun-filled summer vacation spots suggested by local travel agencies and Expedia.
Puerto Rico offers beautiful landscapes with a rich culture surrounded by exceptional food, beaches, majestic mountains, relaxation and adventure.
“It may be small, but Puerto Rico is perfectly formed and packs a personality punch,” according to
For a roundtrip to Puerto Rico, prices start at $812 per person from July 22 through July 26, but prices are subject to change, according to
Italy is beautiful, offering iconic ruins, romantic adventures, dazzling islands, seascapes, spectacular mountain ranges, sparkling lakes and a thousand small towns and villages.
Travel packages to Italy include such historic cities as Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan with Roman architecture and great hotels.
Prices for a roundtrip start at $1,640 per person from July 10 through July 14 but are subject to change depending on dates and location.
Hawaii has mesmerizing beaches, high waves for surfing and rainforests, which are some of the features that bring tourists to Hawaii.
Prices for a roundtrip start at $1,994 per person from July 24 through July 28 but are subject to change depending on dates and location.
Las Vegas is primarily known for its cuisine, casinos, bright lights and entertainment. Nevertheless, the fast-paced but community-oriented city also has many activities for locals and tourists alike outside the Las Vegas Strip.
Prices for a roundtrip start at $264 per person from June 19 through June 22, but prices are subject to change.
Greece has a great variety of food and drink, with an array of wines and local liquors.
Prices for a roundtrip start at $2,381 per person from Aug. 5 through Aug. 11, but prices are subject to change.
Where: Greece
When: Aug. 5 through Aujg. 11
Cost: Starting price is $2,381 per person but is subject to change.


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