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The most expansive Street Fighter single player mode ever is finally here as we explore World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6. We’ve gone through and found the locations of all 17 unlockable Masters as well as the necessary steps to access them.

A handful of these are unavoidable and you should have little to no trouble encountering them, but others a little less intuitive and require you tackle side quests at particular times of day, for instance, in order to discover them.
Here are textual explanations for all characters, but you’ll find a video showing how to do them all embedded down below.

Chun-Li is the first Master you’ll run into after Luke springs you loose into the world of Metro City, and is the only other Master in the game that’s truly unavoidable as you must use her techniques in order to progress through the story.
You’ll encounter her in chapter 2-1 by heading over to the entrance to China Town. Simply getting here will trigger a cut scene that will take your character over to where Chun-Li is and initiate the sequence where you’ll learn her style.

Marisa is the second Master you’ll run into during your play through World Tour, and you’ll encounter her during chapter 3-3. You’ll first need to meet with Counterfeiter Leonardo in the Downtown South Area to continue the “The Search for the Bag” quest. Use uppercuts to climb up to the area where Leonardo is.
He’ll send you on a quest to get leather for a counterfeit purse, and you’ll achieve this by defeating two nearby Mad Gear gang members both named “Roughest Rider.” Return to Leonardo and he’ll give you a plane ticket that will automatically transport you to Italy where you’ll encounter Marisa. Fight her, then speak to her again after the bout (whether you win or lose doesn’t matter) and she’ll teach you her style.

Master number 3 is Lily and you’ll find her during chapter 4-1. Lily is purely optional and must be accessed via a side quest called “The Spirit Guide.” From Beat Square, find “The Spirit Guide” on your map, and head to it’s location where you’ll find an NPC named Ana.
Speak with her to initiate the quest, then head into China Town and find the Mad Gear Box Head named “Zimo.” Fight and defeat him, then return to Ana and you’ll unlock the Thunderfoot Settlement in Mexico on your World Map. Fly there and you’ll meet Lily, whom you’ll fight and can then talk to again to acquire her style.

Once you get to chapter 6-1 Luke will open up two new travel destinations for you to go to, “Ranger’s Hut” in Brazil and “Bather’s Beach” in Jamaica, so that you can collect a souvenir for him from both. Simply pull up your World Map once you’ve reached 6-1 and both of these locations will unlock.
Head over to Ranger’s Hut and you’ll run into Blanka during a sequence of cut scenes. He’ll give you the Blanka Chan suit and teach you his moves so that you can help with his social media marketing. You don’t even have to fight him, simply talk to him again after the initial cut scenes play out and you’ll learn his style.

Traveling to Bather’s Beach will immediately cause you to encounter Dee Jay, who calls you out for not smiling enough, and the two of you engage in a friendly battle. Once the fight has concluded, simply approach Dee Jay again, persistently ask to be his student, and you’ll learn his special moves.

The next Master, Cammy, doesn’t appear until Chapter 7-1 and is the trickiest yet to find. Luke will give you a “Metro Free Pass” so you can access the subway, which is right in the central Beat Square area. The first time you enter the subway you’ll be automatically pulled aside by a shady character named Alfred, who will request you take out a gang that’s been terrorizing the Downtown Area.
This will initiate the “Special Unit Del-” quest, which you can activate from the pause menu, then head Downtown to find and defeat 5 “Mad Gear Dancers.” After taking them out, head back to the subway and talk to Alfred, who will give you a ticket to fly to King’s Street in England. Once here, you’ll encounter Cammy, whom you can speak to, fight, and learn a few new moves from.

Manon awaits in chapter 7-3, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get to her. First, speak to an NPC named Manager Oscar, who’ll be standing right in front of the large red staircase in the middle of Beat Square. Oscar will give you a new mission titled “Extra” in which you’ll need to acquire and put on a judo gi.
Getting the gi is fairly easy as the clothing store “Drippin Style” is literally right next to you at this point. Head inside and purchase the gi bottoms for 5000 zenny and the gi top for 5800 zenny. With both equipped head back outside and talk to Oscar, who will take you with him to France.
Enter Manon via an elegant cut scene as she’s in the midst of shooting a movie, and before you’ll be able to speak with her, you’ll have to prove yourself by fending off three nearby extras. Once you do this, Manon will appear and you can finally fight her. She’s a tough opponent, but after the battle she’ll teach you her style.

Master Ken Masters awaits you next in Chapter 8-3 as part of “The Elusive Former National Champ” main story quest. You’ll need to get into the Construction Site during the day, but to do so you’ll first need to equip a yellow construction helmet. Fast travel over to Urban Park, head into the Municipal Parking Lot and talk to Apparel Clerk Gammorah to purchase the hat for 2000 Zenny.
Next, Fast Travel down to the Training Center and run back to the Construction Site. A cut scene with Ken will play, but you’ll then need to fight this construction worker named Gus to proceed forward… because that’s how construction sites work. Once you’ve defeated Gus, you can use the stairs to ascend to the second floor where you’ll re-encounter Ken. By now you know the drill, approach him, speak to him, fight him, learn his style.

E. Honda, another World Warrior, becomes available in chapter 8-4 and is part of a main story quest called “Big in Japan.” Navigate West from Beat Square to find the Chanko House Edomon during the daytime. When you enter, Honda’s introductory cut scene will play and you’ll be prompted to take a photo of him. Pull up your menu, select Camera, and then “Mission Mode” and take a snap. Once you do that you can proceed to speak with the Sumo Master and he’ll teach you what you want to know.

The interesting thing here is that learning from Honda also unlocks the ability to travel to Japan, where you’ll find Master Ryu. Head to the newly unlocked Genbu Temple from your World Map. Ryu will be there meditating, and like with Honda, you’ll need to snap a “Mission Mode” photo of him. With that out of the way you can interrupt his meditation by talking to him and acquire his style.

Jamie also becomes accessible once you reach chapter 8-4 but you’ll need it to be night time to find him. There’s a Hangout just west of Beat Square where you can sleep until the sun goes down. Head to Beat Street Hong Hu Men Area either by foot or fast travel, and navigate to this series of ladders that will take you up to where Jamie awaits on a rooftop. All you have to do is talk with him and he’ll share his drink and teach you his moves.

Kimberly unlocks upon starting 8-7 and also must be accessed at night as part of the “High Flying Man” main story quest. She’s hanging out on a rooftop not far from Beat Square, which you can access via a pair of ladders. Talk to her, watch your parkour filled cut scene, and that’s all you have to do.

Guile also unlocks at the start of 8-7, but must be accessed during the day. While wearing the SiRN Lab Coat head south of Beat Square towards the construction site and speak with an NPC security guard named Jonathan. He’ll tell you to next go to the Grace Marina, which you can access most easily by Fast Traveling to the Training Center.
Head out onto the Grace Marina pier and speak to the NPC named Curtis, who’ll grant you access to the aircraft carrier Byron Taylor. There you’ll discover the military is dealing with a drone problem, and once you solve it for them by beating up said drones, you’ll run into Guile. Guess what happens if you walk up and speak with him? Wrong, nothing… but if you speak with him twice he’ll teach you.

Reach chapter 9-2 and you’ll be able to find Zangief, but only if it’s nighttime so be sure to hit up the Hangout if you need to. Fast Travel to Urban Park and speak to this NPC named Uou to initiate the “Hither and Tither” side quest. Next go talk to Saou, the NPC on the other side of the arena stairs. Saou will tell you to fight Uou, which you should go do.
When you win, Saou will offer a ticket to Russia. Use your World Map to fly to the newly unlocked location, speak with Zangief, and learn how to pull off a few new wrestling moves.

Also available starting in 9-2 is the side quest “Yoga Statue” which, spoilers, involves Dhalsim. It’s located at the southernmost part of the map so fast travel down to the Training Center during the day and find the NPC named Anik who will sell you a yoga statue for 7,000 Zenny. Fast travel back to Beat Square and go to the Hangout to make it nighttime.
Now head BACK to visit Anik, who will think you’re trying to trade-backsies, which is grounds for physical altercation. Defeating him grants you a ticket to India where Dhalsim awaits. After Sim saves you from an elephant, talk to him and he’ll show you how to teleport and breathe fire.

At the start of Chapter 12-1, a side quest called “A Hardboiled Adventure” opens up, which leads to Juri. However, it’s impossible to complete this side quest until you complete the first step of Chapter 12-1 as doing so unlocks the Hangout in Old Nayshall where you can turn day into night.
Once you’ve unlocked said Hangout head to the Central Bazaar in Old Nayshall during the day and speak with the NPC named Govind to initiate the quest. He’ll ask you to interview two nearby NPCs, the first of which is named Sandal, and the second is Capana. Next you’ll need it to be night so head over to this Nayshall Hangout and sleep until evening.
Follow the quest prompts into the South Alley and you’ll wind up in a fight with Govind, who turns out to be a jerk. Defeat him and Juri will spawn at night in this location. Find and speak with her to initiate a fight. Afterwards, speak with her and select the dialogue choices that continue the conversation until she finally agrees to teach you her style.

The final Master in World Tour is, of course, JP, and you’ll need to finish the Main Story before you can actually access him. Head to the Hangout in the Central Bazaar in Old Nayshall to turn day into night, then fast travel to the Suval’hal Arena Entrance. JP awaits just behind where you spawn up some stairs. Speak with him and he’ll offer to teach you his techniques.
00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Chun-Li
00:49 – Marisa
01:51 – Lily
02:47 – Blanka
03:24 – Dee Jay
03:44 – Cammy
04:59 – Manon
05:55 – Ken
06:50 – E. Honda
07:28 – Ryu
07:53 – Jamie
08:33 – Kimberly
09:00 – Guile
09:58 – Zangief
10:32 – Dhalsim
11:14 – Juri
12:29 – JP
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