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The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) said on Monday that the island’s carnival has attracted thousands of international visitors, stating that it is “a major cultural experience that can attract even more visitors” to the Caribbean country.
“As part of the destination’s Sports and Entertainment marketing pillars, the event continues to see an uptick in overseas participants with weeklong fetes culminating in a road parade,” said JTB in a statement.
JTB Director of Tourism, Donovan White said that carnival in Jamaica has become “a melting pot of international, regional and local participants who want to experience the energy of Kingston through music, food and friends.
“It has become the ideal platform to reinforce Kingston as the cultural capital of the Caribbean, and we want to maximize that to help boost arrivals and spending from our visitors on island,” he added.
Preliminary data shows that from April 1- 20, which coincides with carnival activities, over 26 thousand visitors arrived in Kingston, the Jamaican capital.

A section of the Carnival in Jamaica Road March Parade held recently in Kingston.
A section of the Carnival in Jamaica Road March Parade held recently in Kingston.Courtesy Jamaica Tourist Board

The Carnival in Jamaica Committee has also indicated that there were over 8,000 revelers and 50,000 spectators.
“These numbers, while just shy of what would have been achieved before the pandemic, are very positive for the growth of the event and its economic benefits,” White said. “It also speaks to the unifying element that music can achieve with both revelers and spectators all enjoying the fun.
“Carnival 2024 is expected to keep getting bigger, and the Jamaica Tourist Board plans to capitalize on the marketing opportunities,” he added.
Following a hiatus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JTB said carnival in Jamaica returned in 2023 with the ultimate carnival experience in Ocho Rios and Kingston.
The main event, the Road March, took place in Kingston on Sunday, April 16, to a sea of bands in costumes and spectators, JTB said.
For more information about Jamaica, go to visitjamaica.com.
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