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Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) said on Monday that carnival in Jamaica is back, inviting visitors and locals alike to experience the incredible atmosphere across the island during the week-long celebrations from April 12-18.
“Witness a sea of colorful, show-stopping costumes, intoxicating music and sizzling street food stalls during the cultural event,” JTB urged.
Following a three-year hiatus, it said revelers can once again enjoy the “ultimate carnival experience and dance the day, and night, away at the annual carnival in Jamaica,” taking place across Ocho Rios and Kingston.
The main event, the Road March, will take place on the streets of Kingston on Sunday, April 16, JTB said.
“High energy and stamina are a must for carnival,” it said. “Party goers will let loose and dance to reggae, dancehall, soca and calypso music, celebrating the lively Caribbean music genres.”
During carnival, JTB said the island comes together to embrace the “vivacious spirit of Jamaica”, with thousands of visitors, including locals and international attendees.
In the lead up to carnival, JTB said there are weeklong parties and fetes as part of the countdown celebrations to the main event, from the Black 2 Blue Breakfast Party on April 13 to the XS Sunset Beach Cool Down on April 17.
“The best way to truly be immersed in the celebrations is by joining a mas band,” said JTB, stating that mas bands, short for masquerade bands, are “one of the biggest parts of carnival.
“Masqueraders dress up and showcase their magnificent costumes, covered in feathers, glitter and plenty of color,” it added. “Every year, mas bands will have a different theme and costumes to match.”
The bands in Carnival Jamaica 2023 are Bacchanal Ja, Yardmas, Xodus, Ochi Carnival, GenXs and Downtown Carnival.
“They all offer their own unique experiences,” JTB said. But whichever band a party goer chooses to join, being a part of carnival is the best way to experience the occasion.”
For more information on carnival in Jamaica, visit www.instagram.com/carnivalinjamaica/
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