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The Jamaica Tourist Board and Accenture Song will be bringing media and creativity closer together to accelerate the organisation’s efforts to bolster the destination’s tourism.  

Building on the success of its current creative engagement campaign with Accenture Song, the Jamaica Tourist Board will create impact through the integration of creative and media services by driving tourism through the delivery of more nuanced messages and deployment of sophisticated media tactics to reach people along their journey.  
For instance, using AI-powered insights to uncover new opportunity segments and ways to reach audiences in specific moments of receptivity along their vacation booking journeys. These insights will be used to develop creative messaging and target media in a way that is unique and relevant to each audiences’ interests whether its adventure, romance or luxury.   
“Travelers today are very discerning and very much a part of the internet of things. It is critical that we meet them in these digital spaces in a targeted way to ensure we are creating experiences and services to suit their needs. This will drive more engagement and traffic to the destination,” said Minister of Tourism for Jamaica, Hon Edmund Bartlett. 
The partnership will leverage Accenture Song’s deep insights and AI capabilities to drive innovative, impactful, data-driven go-to-market and personalistion strategies. 
“We’re on a journey to drive massive growth and visits to the island and offer new ways people can experience and enjoy Jamaica,” said Donovan White, director of tourism, Jamaica Tourist board. 
“Accenture Song is a vital partner in helping us grow our data-driven marketing efforts that reach our market with new, refined infused energy,” said Kristopher Dacosta, marketing manager, Jamaica Tourist Board.  
“It is thrilling to have Accenture Song’s work be a contributing factor to driving interest and bookings to Jamaica this winter,” said Wendy Glass, Client Lead, Accenture Song. “Jamaica is estimating over 3 million visitors in 2023 and $3.1 billion to its country, a 20.8% increase year over year, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our marketing partnership.”  
“We are excited to expand our partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board to accelerate its growth and deliver on its ambition to drive tourism to the island,” said Dean Challis, North America media lead, Accenture Song. “We look forward to leveraging our full suite of creative, media, data, and AI capabilities to help the world experience what sets Jamaica apart as a tourism destination – it’s people and culture.”  
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Wed, 01 Nov 2023 07:18:00 GMT


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