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Jamaica, a once-popular vacation and tourism destination, was recently made a level 3 travel warning advisory recommending U.S. citizens reconsider traveling to the island nation.
The U.S. Department of State, which rates countries based on their potential safety risks, said it altered Jamaica’s rating on Jan. 23, citing “violent crimes, such as home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides, are common,” the agency states. “Sexual assaults occur frequently, including at all-inclusive resorts.”
The State Department added that the homicide rate the Jamaican government reports is among the highest in the Western Hemisphere, which authorities have failed to address.
“Local police often do not respond effectively to serious criminal incidents. When arrests are made, cases are infrequently prosecuted to a conclusive sentence. Families of U.S. citizens killed in accidents or homicides frequently wait a year or more for final death certificates to be issued by Jamaican authorities.”
The agency’s travel advisories rank from level one, which recommends exercising “normal precautions” and includes countries such as Japan, Switzerland and Portugal, to level 4, which is listed as “Do Not Travel.”
The State Department’s level 2 rating recommends “increased precaution,” but it doesn’t go so far as to recommend avoiding travel to the country altogether as it does for countries with level 3 and 4 ratings.
U.S. citizens are encouraged to enroll in the State Department’s free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and to prepare contingency plans for emergencies. 
Safety tips if you’re traveling outside the U.S.:


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