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The Caribbean is booming more than three years after the COVID-19 pandemic brought travel to a halt. The region has seen remarkable growth since reopening to tourism, with some countries experiencing eye-popping increases in international arrivals in 2023.
These coveted islands are some of the safest places you can travel but it’s always wise to stay updated on the latest travel guidance from the U.S. State Department before your visit. Here we’ll catch you up on some of latest travel advisories for the most popular Caribbean escapes this spring.
NOTE: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands aren’t analyzed by the State Department as they are U.S. territories. However, Canada advises its citizens to “take normal security precautions” in both destinations and Americans should do the same.
Level 1 (Exercise Normal Precautions)

Aruba continues to be among the world’s safest destinations in 2023. The State Department advises Americans to exercise normal precautions on the island, which is a part of the ABC Islands of the Leeward Antilles just north of the South American coast. These islands are beloved given their geography, which typically keeps them protected from Atlantic hurricanes.

Other Level 1 Destinations 


—Antigua and Barbuda




The British Virgin Islands join the long list of Caribbean destinations to receive a Level 1 travel advisory this spring. Renowned islands such as Virgin Gorda and Tortola are ready to welcome eager travelers without restrictions or significant safety concerns.

—Cayman Islands






—Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Pitons in Saint Lucia. (photo via Chelsea Davis)

Saint Lucia is an island nation ideal for travelers of all interests, whether it be nature, history, culture or cuisine. Therefore, visitors will be happy to learn that the destination has received a Level 1 travel advisory from the State Department, which encourages Americans to exercise normal precautions this spring.

—Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

—Sint Maarten
Level 2 (Exercise Increased Caution)

Though not always considered to be a part of the Caribbean, The Bahamas is a sun-kissed tropical island chain that’s easily accessed from the mainland U.S. and is currently listed at Level 2 due to crime. Travelers often visit the Bahamas via cruise ships so they’re time in the destination may be limited and to major tourist areas, meaning they typically have little to worry about.
Travelers are encouraged to exercise increased caution in Cuba due to crime. “Petty crime is a threat for tourists in Cuba. Also, violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide, and sexual assault, sometimes occurs in Cuba,” the State Department warned in a November 15 travel advisory update.
The Caribbean’s most-visited country continues to be a safe destination for vacationers. The Dominican Republic has remained at Level 2 since October, with officials encouraging travelers to exercise increased caution due to crime. “The development of a professional tourist police corps, institution of a 911 system in many parts of the country, and a concentration of resources in resort areas means these tend to be better policed than urban areas like Santo Domingo,” the State Department points out.
The islands of Turks and Caicos are another safe vacation option this spring and summer as officials only advise visitors to exercise increased caution due to potential crime.

Couple horseback riding in Jamaica. (photo courtesy of NanoStockk/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Level 3 (Reconsider Travel)
One of the region’s most popular destinations, Jamaica is currently listed at Level 3 on the State Department’s four-tier travel advisory scale. While visitors are unlikely to encounter any danger in the island’s top resort areas, officials ask travelers to reconsider plans due to the threat of crime and highlight specific areas that visitors should avoid, including the following parts of Montego Bay: Canterbury, Flankers, Glendevon, Mount Salem, Norwood, Paradise Heights and Rose Heights.

Other Level 3 Destinations

—Trinidad and Tobago

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