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Though she placed fifth in the overall competition, dancer and digital creator Aaliyah ‘Lee Notnice’ Nixon left The Social House reality series as the newest brand ambassador for soft drink, Bigga.
“I made my mark somehow,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR during the grand finale of season two of the series, which was held at the R Hotel in New Kingston. Lee Notnice won the competition’s ‘Bigga Challenge’, that required contestants to come up with a creative tune to the beat of Marcy Chin’s Gimme More. Her lyricism captivated the judges and the catchiness of the tune stuck with fans for weeks. But outside of the deal, Lee Notnice shared that the competition did a lot for her career.
The Social House helped me by pushing me out there more and giving me an audience that I never really had before. I had more of a younger audience but now I also have a grown, mature audience and it really opened my eyes to being around new people. I have learned so much and how to be open-minded to different things. I have never really been one to be too competitive, so not winning never lowered my mood. I was excited for the person who won,” she said.
Though she was born in the Cayman Islands, Lee Notnice spent most of her young life on Jamaican soil.
“I am actually from Ochi but I live in Kingston now. I spent a lot of time in Ochi when I was younger but then I moved back to Cayman. Every now and then I say you know what, I kinda want to take a trip back home, but I am having fun out here,” she said.
Lee Notnice began dancing while attending primary school. Now she uses her skills to make an income, working with different brands and other content creators while also injecting some fun and comedic entertainment.
“The whole Social House was really fun and amazing. The biggest takeaway for me is to just not be a hater. Cheer for the people around you and cheer for the people who are winning. Never be bitter because you are not on the top. It is just the process and the journey that makes you a better person and you learn along the way,” she said.
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