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What had originally started out as a premium beach event has evolved into a music festival that crossed the coast into North America. First held in 2014, organisers of the ultimate bikini party experience, Sandz, are already in the planning stages of their ten-year anniversary.
“We are currently in year nine going into year 10, and I can tell you right now it is going to be a massive celebration that is coming. For the next staging we keeping the level high because that is the standard. We are going to be having lots of surprises. Nothing we want to get into now but we are coming,” said Andrew Ellis, CEO of Supreme Events, the entity that owns Sandz.
Supreme Events first conceptualised the party series to bring friends to the beach in the day, have it infused with music, premium liquor and a means to escape a hot summer’s day, while having a laid-back experience. The gathering began growing as the network started expanding, which became an inspiration to share the same lyme with many who enjoyed such leisurely exercise. Now, the festival is held a number of times throughout the year. Earlier this month it was held as a part of Vacae Weekend and was headlined by international artiste Rick Ross.
The event will make its way to Florida, USA, on May 29 for Sandz Caribbean Music Festival. New York will host the Sandz Music Festival on June 11, after which the party series goes to Toronto, Canada, on July 15, before returning to Jamaica for an Emancipation Day edition on August 1.
The success of the event over the years has left Jermaule ‘Nino’ Adair, a director on the Supreme team, hopeful about the future of the brand.
“I can’t believe, it’s crazy! If anybody would have told me that I would be keeping Sandz so long, or even keeping a show like this, I would not have believed them. I would say, ‘What are you talking about?’ I thought I would be around a desk or something but it happened, and Sandz keep 10 years. That is great and I feel very good about that,” Adair said.
In the meantime, Ellis said his team is “humbled by the support” for the party brand and has pledged to ensure Sandz continue to deliver top-class entertainment to patrons.
“Even though we travel all over the world for the event, Jamaica is home, and we are happy that they treat us like home. We continue to push the envelope and that is what our mission is. We continue to push the value in entertainment every day,” he said.
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