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Jamaican-born and raised singer Sheensea has been making waves. The “Curious” singer hit the Coachella stage these past weekends and, as always, did her thing. The singer kicked off the festival with a desert sunset cocktail party with the mass retailer H&M. She used the opportunity to chill with her friends as they tried on some looks before she had to do her sets. 
EBONY got a chance to get a few words in with the star before her big performance last weekend. She gave us the rundown on what influences her style, her favorite items from H&M and what she loves most about making music. 
EBONY: How does your Jamaican heritage influence your performance clothing style?
Shenseea: I like to show skin, but in a classy way. Maybe it’s because I’m from a country that is hot in temperature where people don’t normally fully cover themselves because of the heat. But I think I’m now accustomed to it, making it fashionable at the same time. 
What are some of your go-tos from H&M?
I like baggy tops. 

How does it feel to be performing at Coachella? 
It feels amazing! I thought it would be disastrous, being it’s my first time on a stage where the best is expected. I was a bit nervous, but it turned out to be the most fun and will be a memorable performance for me. 
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What do you love most about making music?
That it makes my listeners happy when they feel down. And when they can relate to the lyrics, it helps them feel confident or want to make them dance. 
Who or what inspired your new single, “Curious”?
It’s how I feel. And observing my environment, it’s how many women feel.
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