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Chapter 6 of World Tour mode sees Street Fighter 6 players unlocking several new locations and getting a chance to study under two new SF6 Masters.
Street Fighter has always been a location-rich franchise, with stages set in cities and countries scattered right across the world. With this in mind, and as its name makes perfectly clear, the World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6 was always going to feature a wide range of locations, and this is certainly the case when it comes to Chapter 6.
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Players start out in London, England, and, upon their return to the USA, gain access to two new North American countries. Granted, neither of these is anywhere near as well realized as Metro City is, nor can they come close to matching its scale. These new locations do help to breathe a little fresh air into the experience, though, while also introducing players to a few more of the 18 Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode masters.
Once players get back to Metro City, Luke will message them suggesting a change of scenery and will ask them to find him some funky souvenirs while on their travels. At this point, two new locations will be unlocked on the World Map screen: the Ranger's Hut in Brazil and Bathers Beach in Jamaica. Players are free to visit these in any order they like, though as it's listed first on the quest list, most will probably opt to head for the former before they travel to Jamaica.
Upon their arrival in Mexico, Street Fighter 6 players will be greeted by a cutscene, after which they'll meet up with Blanka. Speaking with Blanka again after the initial conversation will lead to him becoming the playable character's Master, though this isn't actually needed for story progression. What is necessary is speaking with the NPC named Nelio, who will offer up a few lines of dialogue and the Blanka-Chan Doll item.
With their first souvenir in hand, players can make their way over to Jamaica and Bathers Beach, where they'll be treated to yet another cutscene; this time involving Dee Jay. This will lead straight into a one-on-one fight, after which, players will be free to explore the area. To progress, they'll simply need to speak with the NPC named Brenna and then beat her in a fight to get the Wooden Folk Carving. Before leaving, though, players should make sure to speak with Dee Jay again in order to become his student.
Once they've visited both locations, players will be instructed to head back to the training center in Metro City and speak with Luke. He'll teach them how to use Drive Impact and Drive Parries and then challenge them to a fight. Once they beat him, the mission will be marked as complete and Chapter 6 of World Tour mode will come to an end. As a reward, players will get a Subway Pass, 5,000 Zenny, and the Fighter Magazine Special Issue gift item, as well as unlocking some new items at the shop.
Street Fighter 6 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
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