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When Terry-Ann and Paul first met on a work programme in Florida, she quickly became the apple of his eye. A strong, undeniable connection caught his interest. However, when they crossed paths again on the job, with her now in a managerial position, he observed her with a mix of curiosity and affection. Even though the additional work he had to do became challenging for Paul, it was her way of supporting and caring for him that made it rewarding. As time passed, he gradually won her heart and she went from Tucker to a match made in Hayden (heaven).
“We met back in October 2020 and we were friends up until the end of March 2021. I wanted to take it slow, as a result of not necessarily looking for a relationship and just being friends and so he obliged. My dad died in January 2021 and Paul’s caring characteristics were like no other. He was able to be there for me. He cooked and ensured that I ate. This was one characteristic of my father and this cemented everything. I didn’t want to lose the bond we shared; I wanted it for a lifetime,” Terry-Ann told Island Wedding.
Paul was happy to be there and care for her, especially during her time of need, “It was then that I really understood who my wife was and the qualities I was looking for in a woman, similar to that of my sister. I decided not to waste any time and went right ahead in pursuing her as my love.”
Terry-Ann continues to be impressed by Paul’s go-getting, ambitious, caring and compassionate nature. “Of course, he is an attractive guy. My top man! He’s very easy on the eyes and that was something that caught my attention. He is always striving for excellence, and once he sets his mind on something, this visionary will not take his mind off of it until he achieves it. His love for his family, particularly his sister, is unconditional and he chooses to share his love with me every day as well. I am blessed to have him in my life,” she shared.
Since Paul has been her partner, Terry-Ann has taken that ‘my way or the highway’ mentality down a notch and has learned how to compromise in the name of love.
Explaining how supportive Terry-Ann is of his pursuits, Paul is amazed by how patient, reliable, solution-oriented and beautiful she is, both inside and out. “She has an ever-flowing radiance. She always has my back and encourages me to do the right thing. If she says she’s going to do something, she always gets it done,” he said adding, “she has always been there for me and has turned me into a better version of myself, helping me to elevate beyond measures I did not think of. By accepting me for who I am, she loves me beyond all my faults and silliness. She never disregarded my emotions, and has remained honest and transparent right throughout our relationship.”
Paul has a special place in his heart for Benny’s On The Beach in Florida, United States. This spot holds a special significance for him because it was Terry-Ann who introduced him to it, taking him out of his comfort zone to enjoy good food at an idyllic location with the best company.
After realising that he always wanted to be around her and that she wholeheartedly accepted him without judgement, he asked Terry-Ann to marry him.
“While I was at the bar, a commercial came on advertising proposals and I was like okay, I think it is time for me to do this. I purchased the ring and booked a trip to Puerto Rico for her birthday. The ring and location then came into place. I wanted the proposal to be intimate; just us, no excitement. The perfect place would be at dinner by the waterfall. So, on the night of May 14, 2022, I asked one of the ladies passing by to take us a picture and there I went on my knees saying, ‘Hey, hello Ms Terry-Ann Tucker, will you marry me?’ I went about it smooth and calm; just like that,” he revealed.
Terry-Ann, on the other hand, recalled him being nervous and seeing his forehead sweating. But, it was certainly one the best nights of her life as she said yes to her partner.
The fiancée enlisted Shanique Blythe as her wedding planner, “I live in the states, so if I didn’t have Shanique this would be a nightmare. She was the direct point of contact to all vendors and she made everything happen.”
Sourcing her dress from Turquoise Haute Couture in Ghana, Terry-Ann sent her measurements and received her dress mid-September, which was a perfect fit.
On October 15, Terry-Ann and Paul sealed their love with a holy matrimony, becoming husband and wife. The wedding ceremony and reception, held at Caymanas Golf Club, were meticulously designed and provided an exquisite experience for all. “The wedding was amazing,” the newlyweds reflected. Their most cherished moment was when they had their first official dance together.
“We shared a first dance and decided to do it to I don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith and Fall for you by Leela James. The feeling was magical. These two songs were picked for a reason, expounding on this love for a lifetime,” Mrs Hayden said.
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