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There are plenty of excellent cultural and other tours in the Caribbean that open up the country beyond the beaches.
The Caribbean is a culturally diverse region with a rich history. There is much more to the Caribbean than all-inclusive resorts, stunning beaches, and luxury cruises. The Caribbean is a mosaic of independent countries and territories; there are 30 sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies. Many of the islands of the Caribbean are still dependencies or territories of other countries.
One of the best ways to explore the "real" Caribbean is with a cultural tour – there are far too many tours to do justice to, but there is a selection of a few of them. There are many destinations (both major and unknown) in the Caribbean; tours are a great way to explore both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations.
This 8-Day tour of Jamaica enables visitors to get a much better feeling of Jamaica. This tour delves into the Jamaican culture, as well as the island's breathtaking landscapes, native food, and unique history.
There are many concerns about the safety of visiting Jamaica outside the all-inclusive resorts. Such tours like these help people to discover and unlock rich and rewarding places with a much greater sense of security.
The tour is an overland expedition through Jamaica with a private tour guide. Visitors will get to see the best the island has on off and the countryside that beach-hugging tourists rarely get to see. Discover the Jamaican capital of Kingston, the UNESCO-listed Blue & John Crow Mountains, the best beaches on the North Coast, local seaside towns, and more.
Accommodation is in comfortable Jamaican hotels.
The tour includes airport transfers, admission fees, accommodation, local tour guides, and more.
The tour does not include international to and from Jamaica flights and some meals (many breakfasts and lunches are included). They advise budgeting for another $100-300 for meals and personal expenses outside what's in the itinerary.
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Haiti is a country few people get to really explore – and is a country people are generally advised not to travel to. For those set on exploring the country, then the best way may be with an organized tour. This 7-day tour of Haiti offered by Bella Vue Tours is an all-inclusive tour of the Caribbean nation.
Discover the best of Haitian culture and cuisine with this tour, where guests participate in rich gastronomy events.
The tour starts at the Cap-Haitien International Airport and then proceeds to one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. On tour, guests will discover Place d'Armes, local homes, the history of the country, historical sights, sample local dishes, and more.
Activities include relaxing on the tropical beaches, hands-on cooking classes, and going horseback riding.
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Not all tours of the Caribbean tour need to be multi-day tours. There are also many day tours to choose from. One example of a day tour in Trinidad (the main island of Trinidad and Tobago) is the Eco-Cultural Experience. The tour explores the main city – the Port of Spain, the Maracas Bay, and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.
On tour, one will see flocks of the Scarlet Ibis birds at sunset as well as the opportunity to sample pineapple chutney (a Caribbean treat). Guests will be able to admire many historic buildings, colonial-style mansions, and more.
Enjoy a crispy shark sandwich and relax on the beaches that are surprisingly quiet during the weekdays. At the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, explore the wetland and its many birds with a large flat-bottomed boat and see the mangroves, waterways, non-venomous snakes, and the vibrant Scarlet Ibis.
Island Experiences lists many other day tour options to pick from in Trinidad. There are many tours in every Caribbean country that offers guided tours that delve into the culture and history of the island.
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