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As global tourism finally normalizes after the pandemic, there is a natural rush for travel abroad, and Bangladeshis are no different. Now is the time to check where Bangladeshi passport holders can travel visa-free, or with visa on arrival, or with an eTA. Here’s a detailed list. 
Bangladeshi passport has historically not had a very good global score since independence. According to the Henley Passport Index for 2023, Bangladesh ranks 99th globally with a mobility score of 40. The mobility score estimates that with a Bangladeshi passport, a person will have a world reach of about 24% which is significantly lower than a lot of countries. 
These rankings apply to the ordinary Bangladeshi passports only. There are a total of three types of passports active in Bangladesh. These are: 
The ordinary passport is issued to any general civilian with Bangladeshi citizenship. The right to a passport has been promulgated in the constitution, and any legal citizen of the country can avail the service for personal use such as study trips, medical needs, vacations, or business trips. 
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The official passport of Bangladesh is issued to government employees of the state. The passport is issued as a special designation for individuals representing Bangladesh in any kind of official capacity. The features of the official passport are similar to those of the ordinary passport. Except in certain cases, many visa requirements in different countries are waived for official passport holders. A person holding an official passport will also need to have an NOC from their respective government authority before traveling. 
The diplomatic passport is issued to diplomats representing Bangladesh in different foreign missions and embassies. These passports hold special authority granted by the Geneva Convention. Apart from members of the Bangladesh Foreign Services Corps, diplomatic passports are also issued for the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the House, as per the Bangladesh Order of Precedence. A diplomatic passport holder has visa-free access to almost every country in the world. They are also granted diplomatic immunity, barring them from being prosecuted in any way. 
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Currently, Bangladeshi passport holders enjoy four types of visa services in 40 different countries around the world. These are: 
Visa-free entry allows for direct travel between two countries as long as the traveler holds a valid passport. The visa-free entry condition is set by bilateral or unilateral agreements between the two countries to promote strategic ties and other mutual benefits. 
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Visa on arrival sits between a pre-requisite visa and visa-free entry. In the case of visa on arrival, a Bangladeshi passport holder will be able to travel to a country and get a visa stamp from the designated section of immigration. The visa stamp is necessary to enter the country without which entry will not be granted in the said country. 
E-visas are a convenient way of getting a traditional visa. Compared to a traditional visa, an e-visa has far less processing time and can be digitally generated for express entry. 
Some countries issue entry permits instead of visas. In essence, the eTA works the same way as a traditional visa except for some differences in bureaucratic formalities. 
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The list of countries where Bangladeshi passport holders can travel visa-free, or with eTA, visa on arrival is as follows. 
Bangladeshi passport holders can travel visa-free to the following countries. 
·      Bahamas 
·      Bhutan 
·      Cook Islands 
·      Barbados 
·      British Virgin Islands 
·      Dominica 
·      Grenada 
·      Fiji 
·      Haiti 
·      Lesotho 
·      Jamaica 
·      Micronesia 
·      Montserrat 
·      Saint Kitts and Nevis 
·      Niue 
·      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
·      Trinidad and Tobago 
·      Gambia 
·      Vanuatu 
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Bangladeshi passport holders can travel with on-arrival visa in the following countries. 
·      Bolivia 
·      Cabo Verde 
·      Burundi 
·      Comoros 
·      Madagascar 
·      Guinea-Bissau 
·      Mauritania 
·      Maldives 
·      Mozambique 
·      Rwanda 
·      Nepal 
·      Seychelles 
·      Samoa 
·      Senegal 
·      Somalia 
·      Timor-Leste 
·      Sierra Leone 
·      Tuvalu 
·      Togo
Only Sri Lanka and Cote d’Ivoire offer eTA to Bangladeshi passport holders. For Sri Lanka, the pre-enrollment period is 90 days, and for Cote d’Ivoire, it is 30 days. 
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Currently, Bangladeshi nationals with valid passports can travel to 40 countries with either visa-free access, visa on arrival, or with an eTA. However, as per the ICAO regulation, a person traveling with a Bangladeshi passport will need to ensure that the passport has at least over six months of validity remaining from the day of travel. 
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