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Statewide destination marketing organization (DMO) Visit California last week released its annually produced visitor’s guidebook, which contains 196 pages of valuable tips and knowledge for travelers who are headed to the Golden State this year.
The ‘2023 California Visitor’s Guide: The Best of California’ is filled with in-depth material on everything from fun family activities, popular attractions and the most sought-after theme park snacks to snow adventures, state parks, native heritage sites and cultural experiences.

With a circulation of around 500,000, the free publication is now available at all California Welcome Centers and regional tourist offices, as well as online at Readers will benefit from expert insights and recommendations from passionate locals, and can reference detailed maps and specific location information.
“The diversity of voices, destinations and recommendations included in this free visitor’s guide is proof there is something for everyone to enjoy in California,” said Caroline Beteta, president & CEO of Visit California. “The Golden State celebrates the diversity of our culture, geography, cuisine and experiences, and this guide is full of inspiration to help you plan your next adventure.”
California’s 12 distinct tourism regions are: San Diego County, Orange County, Deserts, Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, Central Coast, Central Valley, Gold Country, San Francisco Bay Area, High Sierra, Shasta-Cascade and North Coast.

Looking Ahead

In late January, Visit California also announced that it had tapped global consulting firm JLL to formulate a dozen specific strategic plans-one for each of California’s 12 distinct unique tourism regions-to guide the state tourism sector’s trajectory over the next decade. The sets of recommendations JLL will develop will be based on extensive research and run the gamut of tourism issues, from overcrowding and environmental issues to workforce developments and infrastructure improvements.
“Visit California could not be more excited to join with JLL to launch this ambitious, groundbreaking strategic planning effort,” said Caroline Beteta, the DMO’s president and CEO. “California’s tourism industry is recovering from an economic shock 10 times greater than 9/11, but it is a perfect opportunity for us to take stock, assess the challenges and opportunities, set priorities, and develop regional strategies for the next 10 years. Strategic planning will build more resilient and sustainable destinations across the state and strengthen alliances between California communities and the tourism industry.”

For the project, JLL’s consulting partners are set to include Ernst&Young, Tourism Economics, World Travel and Tourism Council, Tourism Diversity Matters, The Zimmerman Agency, Unisphere Ideas, SWCA Environmental Consultants and RiskLayer. JLL has conducted tourism research on more than 150 destinations worldwide.
“We applaud Visit California for taking on a project of this magnitude to plan for each tourism region and for the state as a whole,” said Dan Fenton, Director of JLL’s Global Tourism & Destination Services. “JLL is honored to be Visit California’s partner in this effort, and we look forward to working with tourism stakeholders across the state to deliver 12 actionable strategic plans that will guide the industry for the next 10 years.”
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Explore the latest travel news, advice, updates, upcoming exclusive deals and more.
CEO of Zenbiz Travel, LLC.

Explore the latest travel news, advice, updates, upcoming exclusive deals and more.
CEO of Zenbiz Travel, LLC.
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