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There is nothing quite like a trip to Trelawny Parish in Jamaica. Far removed from the glamor and vibes of Negril or Montego Bay, this is a parish for those who wish to live slowly. It is a representation of Jamaica that moves at its own riddim, with its own set of rules. Birthplace to some of the fastest athletes in the world including Usain Bolt, it more of a local spot and receives only half of the praise it deserves internationally. 
From visits to Falmouth to bamboo rafting on one of Jamaica’s most famous rivers, this is what to expect when visiting Trelawny. 
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You can’t come to Jamaica and not spend time by a river. Visiting Trelawny Parish is perfect for river lovers hoping to experience bamboo rafting. While many opt to dip their toes into the deep blue and turquoise waters of Rio Grande, Martha Brae is just as mystical. It is popular because it passes through some of the most glorious rainforest views on the island, and routes close to popular tourist spots Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. 
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The lushness of the land is truly represented in this town in Trelawny. Clean rivers, endless stretch of nature surrounding and a place to connect with the simplicity of life. This community in Trelawny is worth a stop if you’re hoping to indulge in the luxury of a quiet, country life. 
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Falmouth is the capital of this parish known for its easy-going lifestyle. There are several hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Falmouth that travelers who wander off the tourist routes truly enjoy. Aside from this, expect to find some of the country’s most precious beaches while visiting. 
Country living is a huge part of Jamaican and Caribbean culture in general. Travelers would certainly be remiss to skip out on this very unique and highly Jamaican aspect of Trelawny parish. Trying authentic Jamaican food and experiencing the country in its wildest and untouched state might just be what your Sunday is calling for… 
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As if this parish wasn’t humbly breathtaking enough, there is Rois Lagoon. This lagoon in Falmouth is the place to sit back enjoy marine creatures such as upside-down jellyfish and take in this incredible body of water. Guests can learn about mangroves or kayak on the lagoon for the perfect vacation from the vacation. 
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