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By Emily Rella
When traveling, there’s always a fear of getting to the airport and realizing that you don’t have proper identification to get on the flight, whether it’s a driver’s license or a passport for international travel.
But one Frontier Airlines passenger went through security to get on a flight from Philadelphia to Jacksonville, Florida, and somehow ended up in Jamaica — without a passport.
Beverly Ellis-Hebard told local outlet ABC 6 that she uses Frontier because she flies to her second home in Jacksonville every six weeks.
Ellis-Hebard took a last-minute bathroom break and was rushed to board her flight. While measuring her carry-on in the baggage sizer, she cut her arm and a flight attendant rushed her to board as she tended to her wound.
Once on board, the flight attendant that was helping her bandage up then joked that she would be able to relax about the incident once the plane got to sunny Jamaica.
Except, it wasn’t a joke.
“I laughed. I said ‘I would love to be going there but I have a beach where I live,'” Ellis-Hebard told the outlet. “She said, ‘Look at me. This plane is going to Jamaica.’ And I knew by the look on her face she wasn’t joking.”
Thankfully when the flight landed, Jamaican authorities allowed her to stay on the jetway until she was able to board another flight back stateside “hours later.”
“It should have never have happened because I did not have a passport,” Ellis-Hebard said bluntly. “The woman at the gate did not do her job.”
Frontier Airlines said in a statement that the woman would receive a $600 flight voucher for the ordeal.
“We extend our utmost apologies to Beverly Ellis-Hebard for this unfortunate experience,” the airline said. “We sincerely regret that Ms. Ellis-Hebard was able to board the wrong flight.”
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The incident follows one in February when a man boarded a plane on an American Airlines flight to Sidney, Montana thinking he had booked a ticket to Sydney, Australia, prompting him to miss his cruise that was set to depart halfway around the world.
Frontier Airlines recently debuted its GoWild! Summer Pass, which allows passengers to take an unlimited number of flights from May 2 to September 30.
The airline was down around 10.45% year-over-year as of Friday afternoon.
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